Moth Media

passionate about Creative and commercial video


what is moth media?


Moth Media is a group of filmmakers and professionals working to create high quality content in the commercial and creative sectors. We think about projects from draft to post-launch and strive for a progressive vision, assisting businesses to access the 'new' consumer base and helping creatives reach their vision .

Moth Media thinks beyond just the video. 

Our Services

Commercial Video

Let us help you bring something fresh to your brand.
We balance personality with high production quality.

Corporate Video

Educational and Training

business promotion


Social media content

Creative Video

Let's work out how we can get your vision to the screen.
Demand attention with striking visuals and story.

Creative advertisement


films & Music videos


Branded Content


                        Sam Darby                 Creative Director

                        Sam Darby
                Creative Director

                  Simon Todd              Lead Cinematographer

                  Simon Todd
             Lead Cinematographer

                      Rhys Salmon                   Creative Producer

                      Rhys Salmon
                  Creative Producer

                  Emily Webster                Production Manager

                  Emily Webster
Production Manager

& an intimate network of Melbourne freelancers