Working from Phone - Apps for Freelancers and Filmmakers




by Emily Webster, Production Manager

Hi guys, just a quick post today, discussing my favourite apps for productivity and getting things done, no matter where you are. These are good options for small businesses or even freelancers looking to get themselves organised, instead of distracted, by their phone. I also wanted to touch on the relation between productivity and apps themselves.

We at Moth Media are a big fan, of course, of the GSuite, everything from Google Hangouts, to Docs, to Calendar and of course, of Drive. I find the easy switching between apps and cross-functionality very useful and we rarely have issues, besides the occasional “oh no I saved this in pages” problem. I also find the customer support very efficient and helpful. My best tip for this relates to Google Calendar- keep it active, and set up a specific shared calendar between the team.

For communication, there is no other better option for a small mobile team than Slack. The multi-channel functionality is one of the best chat organisation system I’ve used and even being a bit forgetful, it’s easy to sort your thoughts. Slack works best when everyone is on board and participating. The best advice I can give you with Slack is to go out, figure out all the different functions of the app and teach these to your team, and make sure they understand. People sometimes have a hard time getting started with technology, but a little encouragement and tutorials go a long way.

One other app is Releases by Snapwire- quick and painless release forms to get talent releases done and dusted. It's made for stock image websites but easy to adapt. The only change I would make to this app is licensing to the company itself rather than a specific person, but I understand why that isn't an option.

You’ll notice this isn’t a long list. There’s a reason for that! There is no magic app or system that will keep your business running and find you clients and make you millions. I know many swear by certain time-management apps or sorting and administration system apps but I think of many of them like fad diets. They might help you in the short term, but long-term if you want to make a change and find success, you need to make a change to your overall behaviour and thought process towards your goals. For sure, keep in the know, check out apps and integrate them into your systems, but make sure you work on the systems first. 
Remember, an app can aid your progress, but only you can start it, and keep pushing.

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