The new world of short attentio……..Wait, what were we talking about?


by Rhys Salmon, Creative Producer

“The times they are a changin’….. “ Well in the Digital and Video Production world they certainly are! And with one outdated reference out of the way, let's have a look at why this is currently so important for us to help you to understand.

This is Generation Y, the generation of short attention spans, smashed avo brunches and next to no knowledge of Bob Dylan. Why is this important to talk about you say? Well, these are the people who you may be trying to reach, your "target audience", and like a meerkat in the sugar bowl they are ever so elusive!

We rush around in our lives each day, using multiple digital devices while battling the feeling that we never have enough time to get everything done. Apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook demonstrate new digital based techniques to get people to pause for a second. For those businesses listening and ready to utilise the success of these popular forms of social media the message seems to be:

“Get my attention, make your point and then tell me where I need to go.”

So what does this statement mean? Let's break it down into bite size pieces and look at the ways Moth Media can help you implement them:

 “Get my attention!”

We are here to help you make your voice heard in a room where everyone else is yelling. We spend all day assaulted by commercial content, so why is it that only certain things manage to break through? Fact: we are always drawn to our existing likes and interests. Understanding your target audience and making commercial content for them is extremely important; don’t try to please everyone. Understand your clique and illustrate this visually. You sell cool motorbikes? Then the first thing we should see is a cool motorbike doing something even cooler! I don’t know much about motorbikes in reality (let alone cool ones) but if I did and I saw a cool motorbike doing a backflip over say, a pool filled with piranhas? Guess what: You would have my attention! I’d be watching that video, sharing it online and showing all my friends.

 “Make your point!”

Come on buddy, don’t waste my time! We all consider ourselves busy, so work to this. Vine videos were a great example of how quickly we can impart information to an audience, so make sure you know what you want to achieve. Have you ever watched a T.V. ad and years later still remembered how funny or catchy it was but not what it was meant to be selling? It happens more than we like to admit. So don’t lose your message, strong branding should go hand in hand with any comedy/interesting elements of your video.

 “Tell me where I need to go!”

"Congratulations, you made it through the video"……*viewer continues to scroll through their Facebook feed* 

This is where we need to make sure we continue to engage the viewer and let them know how they can get involved; "Click on this link to visit our website", "click here to order now", "follow the link below to see the full video" etc. Having gone through all the hard work to get their attention we must ensure it all pays off.  A strong plan in place for what happens after the video makes it easier for your customers to take the next step and stay with you.

This blog post is just a brief overview of the steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful social media video. In future blogs I’ll take a closer look at what we at Moth Media can do to help you get your video where it needs to be. In the meantime, check out the links below for some great examples of social media marketing done right:

Old Spice, 30 seconds of brilliance (that’s what she said):

Chatbooks, a longer video but incredibly entertaining and a great example of a call to action:

Airbnb, the information tab is accessible the whole time and you can also book right away. These features are packaged with a great minute long video to get you familiar with their business: