Filming the Burger Revolution


By Sam Darby, Creative Director

Recently we got the opportunity to work with Skipping Girl Takeaway in Abbotsford and boy- was that a good day! People love burger joints like they love footy teams: Most people have a favourite and are very keen to tell you why it's the best and why it's better yours. I suppose it’s only natural that Melbourne has sprouted dozens of burger hot spots.

This city tends to be a bit of a cultural glutton when it comes to good food. It really wasn’t all that long ago that the only burgers you could get were from your local fish and chip shop or Maccas, if you’re into that kinda thing. Now you’d be hard-pressed to live in a suburb without at least one cracking location.

While the American food revolution seems to have taken place all over the city (I’m certainly not complaining), Skipping Girl Takeaway seems to have pulled off something I haven’t seen anywhere else. There is real feeling of classic Australiana in its food. It’s the perfect amalgamation of Aussie and US fast-food. Big, crunchy, golden chips take the place of those wimpy limp fries.  Fries with mac and cheese? Done. Wagyu beef and blue cheese? Sure! And that’s all before you’ve even touched a burger. There is a real science to what Skipping Girl does with their burgers. Not just with flavours and presentation, but the actual science of construction and gastronomy. The buns are caramelised so they never become soggy, no matter what monstrosity of ingredients you decide to pile on. 

I’ve been back to Skipping girl a couple of times since (I usually have to fast for some time beforehand) and it really stands out amongst the sea of new boutique fast food spots and exemplifies the New American Burger wave. It was also amazing to shoot! The team went out a few weeks back, panning over mounds of delicious burgers and fries with a hungry group of talent to consume them. We saw great results for the business when the video was posted on their Facebook as well, showing how a well-made and professionally edited video can really pull in customers more than one off of an iPhone. It was great to work with Eyal and team, working out exactly what they wanted and how we could best represent their brand. In the end, we walked away with full stomachs and some great footage!